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  • Multipurposeness and concentration on the specific result’s achievement as quickly as possible;
  • Hang on to duty of any complexity. Perfect mobilization readiness, 130 persons on the staff;
  • We speak in plain language about complex information;
  • The high staff competence is instrumental in deal with any duties quickly;
  • Our representation is located in Europe (Germany);
  • Constant field extension of product line and pricing flexibility;
  • To organized development institution and government affairs, include core of Russian administrations;
  • Development engineers and creators of «TIM®» software: automation control of the investment simulation of the territory’ development (субъектов РФ, ОМС, опережающего развития, СЭЗ, кластеров и др.);
  • Our colleagues always in trend, always improve their skills;
  • We are guaranteed personal and high quality service. Our risks are insured by large insurance companies, that makes you a security of achievement your company’s success.