Main activities

Financial consulting

We have a wealth of experience across the financial landscape and ready to help you to work out performance targets quickly.

Legal consulting

If you have a legal in nature question, then our universal experts will give you a consultation for any directions.


To increase staff's performance, to cut down risks and in such case to minimize costs you can thanks to such fellow partner as we.

Virtual office

Noone updated company to dispense with secretary's services and telephone calls. We have more optimal solution – virtual office service.

Regional programs

We render perfective design maintenances from ogeneration of plan to the entire development trends (for successful disposal of a questions).

Private investments

We always know how to increase capital and ready to help distribute finance skillfully to the effect of profit maximization.

We talk on complex subjects in simple language

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About company

Principal directions of the investment company’s PGIM activities are the IPO organization, working with financial credit documents at the stockmarket, and also our clients’ management of assets and rendering financial and legal services. At the priority of Group is capital investment in conservative financial credit documents of the largest Russian companies («blue-chip companies»), direct investments to the IT-projects, agricultural industry and real sector of economy. In making an assessment of the projects’ investment attractiveness we are motivated by goals of saving and accrual of our Clients’ finances.


  • Personal service
  • All risks are insured
  • Flexible pricing policy
  • Operativeness (24/7 service)
  • Task solutions of any complexity
  • High services' quality
  • Well qualified personnel
  • Constant field extension of a product line
  • Arrangements withforeign partners
  • Office in Europe (Germany)

We can boast


years of success

included in the rating of the largest

bln. rubles turnover

Target group

For individuals

Help to individual persons and tasks solutions within the boundaries limits of companie's competence

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For legal entities

Findings for companies: from Start up to large business

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For regions

Findings for federal, state and municipal instances of authority and its public offices

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For foreign companies

Partnership and help to foreign business in Russia

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